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the code for embeding businesscard

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Digital Cover Design Portfolio

Here its the sample of the digital cover
For the single product
1. DVD Cover
2. Software Box
3. Member Card
4. CD Single

Multiple Product

1. Three Hard Case book & 3 DVD Cover + disc

Nb : You can order in accordance with your wishes
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There are many methods of marketing but pay per click marketing is a very good way of getting your company publicised in a short space of time. You can increase business but only if your campaign is planned and executed with care and attention to detail. Each stage should be carefully managed and your adverts well written. Do however, be aware that pay per click can drain your budget very quickly if not properly managed.
Begin with taking a look at your website, is it easy to navigate? Is the copy well written and interesting? Does it engage the visitor? These are 3 questions worth considering before commencing your campaign because you will need to keep visitors interested and make life as easy for them as possible, otherwise your visitors will not stay on the site and therefore no sales will ensue.
You will need to do a thorough keyword and key phrase research report so that you are fully aware of what terms are being searched and you can then construct your campaigns in a logical manner. By doing this research, you will also be able to thread these keywords and key phrases into the copy on your website, which will also assist with organic listings. Once you have a good range of keywords and key phrases, you will be able to devise attractive individual adverts containing said keywords or phrases. It is important to construct landing pages for each group. Remember that relevance is vital to the success of your ppc campaign, so be very rigid about keeping your adverts and your landing pages very relevant to individual groups, after all visitors will be looking for something specific and if they don't find it, they will leave and you will have wasted money as each click costs money.
Once you have your adverts and landing pages written, you can begin your marketing strategy. Take care when setting click costs, do not go for the number one spot as this could be very costly, instead aim to be around number four. Don't worry, you will still be on page one of the search engine, but you won't be paying as much as the one who is top. The whole idea is to increase traffic at minimal cost. Test all your adverts thoroughly, this is an area often neglected so don't fall down here.
Do make sure you study the tracking data as this will tell you what is working and what is not and you can see how much each conversion is costing you. This will allow you to streamline your groups and your adverts to make maximum gains and minimize the costs as much as possible. You will also be able to delete the groups which are not working.
By having a focussed and well managed ppc campaign, you will receive more high quality clicks and you will gain higher quality scores. This in turn could lead to new business which is what the whole exercise is about. So, careful planning can lead to a very successful ppc campaign.

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Though I have been using Google chrome for the past few months, today I took onetime to understand the center details on this fantastical browser. I began researching the key shortcuts to improve my productiveness (gain blogging accelerate) . 
google chrome key shortcuts
Almost of the shortcuts are based on the key CTRL (Control Key) :
CTRL+T - Open a new tab
CTRL+W - Closes the current tab
CTRL+tab - cycles through current tabs
CTRL+N - Opens a new Window (New instance of chrome. If you Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete it opens Windows task Manager in which we see two chrome.exe processes)
CTRL+Shift+N - Opens a new incognito Window
CTRL+Shift+T - Opens the last tab you closed.(Similar to undo)
Alt+Home - Opens the home page
CTRL+L - Jumps to the omnibox. Omnibox is a rocking feature in Google Chrome which provides us alternatives as we perform a search. Alternatives gets enrolled when we type an URL in address bar. This admits sites we visited before, crucial sites, keywords on an image relevant to them etc. It is a great boast in Google Chrome
CTRL+K - Searches for a word in the omnibox
CTRL+F - Finds text in an open page
CTRL++ - Increases the font size
CTRL+- - Decreases the font size
CTRL+O - Restores the normal font size
CTRL+B - Shows/Hides the Bookmarks bar
CTRL+H - Opens the browsing history
CTRL+J - Loads the download page. These is a feature in Google Chrome which lists the files downloaded previously
CTRL+X - Cuts
CTRL+C - Copies
CTRL+V - Pastes
CTRL+P - Prints the current tab
Shift+Esc - Opens the tab task manager
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